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beer brewing system


1. Basic product information:Capacity: 100gallonTwo Vessels: Mash & kettle tun, lauter &whirlpool tunHeating method: by steam, by electricity, by fire2.Product configuration:Milling system- Mash system- Fermentation system- Cooling system- Control system with PLC- Wine column-to bar counter2.1Milling system:2.1.1 Malt crusher, Double -roller type, carbon steel2.2Mash system2.2.1 Mash & kettle tun : SUS304,inner shell thickness: 3mm,Cladding thickness: 2mm, Jacket material is miller which withstand voltage is 3bar, 80mm polyurethane foam used to keep warm, platinum resistance accuracy+/-0.3 degrees Celsius, the temperature range 1-120 degrees Celsius. The elliptical manhole, butterfly head,Equipped with cleaning tube, washing ball confirm with ISO standard.                                                              2.2.2 Lauter & whirlpool tun: lauter tun full capacity is 568L, whirlpool tun full capacity is 696L, SUS304, inner shell thickness: 3mm,cladding thickness:2mm,80mm polyurethane foam used to keep warm, filter plate: milling, tillage device: material stainless steel 304 , counterclockwise tangential feeding when whirlpool, whirlpool tun equipped with cleaning tube, wash ball confirm with ISO standard.                                                                2.2.3 Wort pump: SUS304, national sanitary level, famous brand, frequency conversion control, flow 3 tons/h, lift 24 meters, pipe fitting material is SUS304.2.2.4 Plate heat exchanger: two-cold type, hanging, design pressure:1.0mpa,temperature: 150℃,2.2.5 Wort oxygenator: Venturi principle, SUS304 material, oxygen filling uniform meticulous, with glass lens, oxygen is visible.2.2.6 Yeast adding tank: Portable, transfer yeast into the board in wort after line by gas,   high-quality stainless steel SUS304 material. Tanks with endoscopic, Upper open for manual cleaning and with the exhaust valve;The lower is cone bottom;Outlet equips with activity transparent hose, a tube for dual-use, outlet and inlet yeast tube.2.2.7 Platform and foot step: SUS3042.2.8 Mash line: SUS 304,Including all mash system valves and piping.2.3Fermentation system2.3.1 Fermentation tank: SUS304,inner shell thickness: 3mm,Cladding thickness: 2mm,dribbling is used to cool, thickness: 1.5mm,80mm polyurethane foam used to keep warm, withstand voltage of tank is 2.5bar, 60 °hypocone is compressive strength design, empty capacity20%,internal roughness 0.4 um or less, no distortion, no scratches, weld highly polished, the upper with lamp lens, with temperature sensors, sampling valve, pressure gauge discharge pipe diameter is Ø38, negative pressure valve,SUS304, opening pressure 0.2 MPa.2.3.2 Mechanical valve: Material is SUS304, mechanical pressure regulating, control the pressure in the fermentation tank.2.3.3 CIP system: Installed with two 100l washing tank and one cleaning pump, with control panel, cleaning pump flow meter is 2T/H,lift more than 20 meters, corrosion resistance.2.4 Cooling system2.4.1 Refrigerator: 380v/3/50 R22 refrigerant, valley wheel compressor, matching plate evaporator.2.4.2 Alcohol water tank: SUS304, inner shell thickness: 2mm, cladding thickness: 1.5mm, polyurethane foam used to keep warm, inner equip with copper evaporator, heat radiating area matches evaporator, automatic temperature control.2.4.3 Alcohol water pump: alcohol water circulating pump, ability to meet the requirements.2.4.4 Alcohol water line: SUS 304, including all alcohol water line valves and piping.2.5Control system with PLC2.5.1 Control system with PLC: Realize special fermentation that is two warming  segments, three sections of cooling. According to different beer can set different fermentation curve, to meet different fermentation technology. Achieve 2-24 hours any cooling speed setting thereby preventing ice tank and protect the function of the yeast, and meet the normal fermentation mechanism. No duty for fermentation inspection. Temperature, time and cycle can be arbitrarily set and modified. System capacity meets a fermentation period. System collect data and summary every 20 minutes, record all data of a fermentation cycle. Traceability. The accuracy of error is plus or minus 0.3 ℃.2.5.2 Switchboard:Mash &fermentation &refrigeration shared one2.5.3 Fermentation control solenoid valve:Stainless steel spring, fluorine rubber diaphragm, DC24V.2.5.4 Wire and Cable: Signal lines use the shielded wire2.5.5 Threading pipe: Stainless steel decoration pipe2.5.6Movable frame: Stainless steel3.Wine columnThere are so many types of wine column, our engineer will supply suggestion according to customer requirement.
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