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rebar mechnical splice

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CABR Coupler for rebars

1. 100% Bar Break Performance
CABR Bar Splice is a parallel thread mechanical splicing system designed for the connection of concrete reinforcing bars from Φ12~Φ50.

2. Product Features
* Designed and manufactured in compliance with ACI318, JGJ107, UBC 1997, BS8110, NF35-20-1, DIN1045, ISO/WD 15835 (Draft).
* Full-Tension splice, bar break under tensile tests.
* Easy to operate and maintain, High production efficiency and fast installation, no need for skilled technicians.
* Several types of splices, which could be suitable for rebar splicing when the rebar cage or the bending rebar is used.
* The splices could be produced in advance without influencing the construction period.
* Inexpensive to purchase, maintain and repair.
* Couplers and threaded bars are protected by plastic cover.
* Full traceability of material origin and production batch.
* Manufactured under strict quality assurance plan ISO 9001.

3. Benefits:
* No staggering of spliced bars required.
* Practical alternative to lap splicing.
* Solves bar congestion problems.
* Shortens construction cycle time.
* Reduces steel wastage.

4. Product type:
4.1 SYS A: Parallel Thread Rebar Splicing with Cold Upsetting End
(1) Enlarging ends of reinforced bars by cold upsetting;
(2) Threading parallel threads;
(3) Splicing rebars by coupler.

4.2 SYS B: Parallel Thread Rebar splicing with Rolled Tread End
The technologies of parallel thread rebar splice include directly rolling and Rolling after stripping rib.

Directly rolling:
(1) Cutting off the end of the rebar;
(2) Rolling the end by using the special rolling machine;
(3) Splicing the rebar by using the coupler.

Rolling after stripping rib:
(1) Cutting off the end of the rebar;
(2) Stripping the ribs at the end of the rebar and rolling thread;
(3) Splicing the rebar by using the coupler.
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