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EG PRO Series Subracks


EG PRO Series Subracks
The current models of the EG series chassis are divided into:
Chassis height: 3U chassis, 4U chassis, 6U chassis, 4U chassis can add fan disks,
Chassis width: 42TE, 63TE, 84TE
Chassis depth: 245, 285, 345

The Subrack Shielded Protective Case (CompactPCI) adopts a heavy-duty crossbeam, with the crossbeam widened and two sets of ends fixed by two screws and side panels, which can provide better load-bearing performance and improve structural strength.

Suitable for CompactPCl and VME64x insertion and extractor handles.

Rear horizontal railfor backplane mounting with insulation strip; For applications that install backplanes or connectors, Horizontal rails, rear, for connector mounting (IEC 60603-2 /DIN41612).

Typical shielding 40dB at 1GHz, 30dB at 2GHz(as to VG 95373, part15), on condition zhat zhe front is sealed with shielded front panels.

For reall/O application.

Beijing Rdekono Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd, we take great pride in our extensive expertise and dedication to innovation. Our design team, composed of professionals with expertise in integrated machine engineering technology, possesses diverse technical integration design capabilities. We specialize in usability design, structural design, heat dissipation design, electromagnetic shielding design, power distribution design, and reliability protection design. By leveraging advanced manufacturing technology and a user-oriented approach, we help our customers enhance their product competitiveness while reducing costs.

In addition to our product excellence, we have successfully expanded into overseas markets in recent years. Our export products have gained popularity in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Japan, South Korea, and beyond. This international recognition is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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