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CNC Turning


CNC turning, also known as CNC lathing, is a machining process that use the removal of material from a rotating workpiece using a cutting tool. This process is widely used in industrial settings to achieve precise turning operations. At GD-HUB, Precision CNC Turning is one of our most requested services for a specific category of parts. It is highly efficient, automated, and produces precise results for a wide range of components. With its flexibility and production capacity, the CNC lathe is ideal for mass production with essentially the same results.
Capabilities Of GD-HUB CNC Turning Service
GD-HUB's CNC turning service is equipped with over 80 advanced and professional machines, including CNC milling and turning. This allows for precise, efficient, flexible, and automated production with high repeatability, minimal waste, and reduced labor costs. It is a cost-effective and reliable manufacturing process that is ideal for mass production of complex parts. With GD-HUB's CNC turning services, you can expect excellent capabilities and top-notch results.
High Precision
GD-HUB's CNC turning machines are capable of producing precision parts with tight tolerances and high accuracy. We work with metal bar stock up to 1.25” O.D. and can machine faces and flats with tolerances of up to ±0.0005”, and feature positions and profiles at up to ±0.0005”.
Best Efficiency
GD-HUB's CNC turning is far ahead of the industry, our CNC turning machines can produce parts faster than traditional one, with experienced team for CNC Turning who use computer-controlled cutting tools to perform multiple operations at once. This can save a lot of time and costs in the production process.
Operation Flexibility
GD-HUB's experienced team of CNC turning can be programmed to produce a wide variety of parts with different sizes, shapes, and materials. This means that we can quickly adapt to changing customer demands and produce parts in small or large quantities as needed.
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