Supplier: Sunlu
Contact person: Mr. Jimmy
Address: 92 CORPORATE PARK STE C 204 IRVINE 92606, CA, US
Country: China
Phone: - Mobi: 0756-3385636

Silk PLA filament from Sunlu over 6KG Bundle Sales

Price: 14.99$

Sunlu has made a name for itself by producing high quality filaments, and their silk PLA lives up to this reputation. Available in a diverse color palette ranging from rich primaries to earth tones to pastels, it extrudes with a smooth consistency and printing is straightforward even on stock hotends.

The luminous luster of Sunlu's silk filament is its standout feature. Light dances off each layer, highlighting the print's contours with an eye-catching iridescence. The semi-translucent nature provides a depth and vitality to colors that makes them shift unpredictably. Prints exhibit a mesmerizing dichroic effect that transforms them into opalescent objets d'art. Sunlu's silk works as well on finely detailed prints as large multi-part pieces, capturing intricate features while minimizing visible layer lines.

Despite its aesthetic qualities, Sunlu silk PLA retains the expected ease of printing and safety profile of standard PLA. It bonds well to the build plate and has low warp and curl. Prints are food-safe and low odor. While more prone to stringing than basic PLA, usual tweaks to retraction and temperature prevent issues. With quality rivaling luxury brands, Sunlu silk PLA provides an affordable route to upgrading desktop 3D prints with entrancing iridescent effects. It represents an outstanding value for makers looking to level up their prints.
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