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Polyweb Urethane Screen Panel


Polyweb Urethane Screen Panel
Product Description

Polyweb Urethane Screen Panel is specificialed for Derrick Stack Sizer, mainly for sieving the fine metal sands, such as: silica sands, gold sands etc, the model is TH48-30, TH48-42, TH56-42, others can be designed.
Polyweb Urethane Screen Panel is a kind of polyurethane screen panel made of polyurethane sheet with high quality screen surface. Polyweb Urethane Screen Panel is abrasion resistance and much longer service life than the woven vibrating screen mesh. Moreover, the property of anti-blinding makes it feasible to screen materials which is considered difficult or impossible to screen previously. Polyweb Urethane Screen Panel has an extremely fine openings which is as fine as 0.043mm, which is suitable for a wide variety of wet and dry applications.
Specification of Polyweb Urethane Screen Panel
Material: Polyurethane
Type: Screen Panel
Aperture Range: 0.043mm - 10mm
Feature: Wear-resisting, noiseless, light etc
Usage: Derrick Stack Sizer
Size: TH48-30, 1040*700mm, other size also can be designed as requests
Working Time: 6 - 12 months
Features of Polyweb Urethane Screen Panel
• Polyweb Urethane Screen Panel has extremely fine openings for accurate separation.
• Polyweb Urethane Screen Panel with low noise and low maintenance, is the replacement products of perforated vibrating screen mesh. Additional, the Polyweb Urethane Screen Panel has higher wear resistance and acid and alkali resistance than the woven vibrating screen mesh.
• There are hooks on the both side of polyurethane fine screen mesh, which make it easy to install the screen mesh onto vibrating screens.
• Polyweb Urethane Screen Panel offer an extended wear life, given their flexible nature and polyurethane coating. Customers have reported between four and 10 times the life expectancy, dependent on product, regional conditions and finished product size. Not only does this extend the initial screen cost over a longer period, it also offers a substantial increase in production time available. Reducing the requirement to stop multiple times a year for change-overs has provided customers with increased capacity equating to $10,000 to $20,000 of increased finished product.
• Comparing the price of the screens is important, as are the potential savings and increased production time available if you don't have to stop.
• Due to the smooth surface of the polyurethane wire screen. The unique design and construction of the Polyurethane screen also results in lower operating noise.
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