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PS036 Squat Rack


Olympic Adjustable Squat Stands Advantages:
1. Simple machine with strong function
2. Can build maximal strength
3. Convenient weight increments
4. Commercial grade and durable to use
5. Best price for high quality product
Olympic Adjustable Squat Stands Feature& Usage:
The olympic adjustable squat stands are a portable, compact and inexpensive solution for squatting and bench presses. An excellent choice for your strength training needs. The stand can be placed any distance to fit the workout space and body frame. The adjustable squat rack is super easy to store.
If you want to strength train regularly and your aim is to lift heavier weights, squat rack is the very useful for you. Usually, we use the 6 to 7 feet long Olympic barbell to put it on the two metal stands which can be adjusted high or low according to the different exercise. The functions for the squat rack mainly is squatting, bench pressing, deadlifting, overhead pressing and so on.
Olympic Adjustable Squat Stands Application:
Usually used in Gym, Club, Hotel, Army, Garage, home gym and so on.
Its primary purpose is to help you progress squats by adding increments of weight.
For the machine color,  we can custom black, blue, red, white, yellow, green, orange, pink and so on. As a professional exercise equipment manufacturer, JM provides all kinds of Strength Machines, Cardio Equipment and Fitness Accessory for your choice. Please feel free to select your interested products and contact us for any questions!
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