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Pneumatic Stencil Cleaning Machine


1. Basic Specifications

Applicable steel mesh size: 750 (L) × 750(W) × 40mm(H)

Maximum volume of liquid tank: 42L (man)

Optimal liquid usage: 22 ~ 35 L

Cleaning method: 360 ° rotary liquid spray cleaning and compressed air drying

Cleaning time: 3-5min (Solder paste)

Drying time: 3-5min

External air source: 0.45-0.7 (MPA)

Gas consumption: (350-500) l / min

Vent size: Φ one hundred × 30mm(H);  Maximum gravitational wind speed: 3m / see

Filtration system: primary filter box filtration: 10 ㎛ (filter impurities and labels); Three stage filter element filtration: 0.5 ㎛ (filter tin balls and rosin particles)

Net weight of machine: about 230kg

Machine size: 950 (L) × 800(W) × 1680mm(H)

2.Product Features:

The power source used by this machine is compressed air, which does not require any power input, so that its safety performance reaches 99.99%, and there is no requirement for liquid. All control elements are imported brands, so that the machine operates stably and has a long service life. Reduce the after-sales service after the warranty period. Humanized design and one button operation make it easy to use and complete the cleaning and drying process easily. The waste gas generated by drying is discharged through the exhaust device with special structure inside the machine to reduce the volatilization of liquid, reduce the consumption of liquid and compressed air, and minimize the emission of liquid odor.

Space requirements:
To ensure the convenience of equipment operation, replacement of accessories and equipment maintenance, please reserve installation space according to the following dimensions:External dimension of equipment: l950mm * w800mm * h1680mm

Note: more than 1m space must be reserved on the right side of the equipment operation surface to facilitate liquid filling and discharging.  

(It is recommended to reserve l3000mm * w3000mm * h2000mm)
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