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Alumina Ceramic C795

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About 60 years ago, the industrial Alumina Ceramic C795 application of zirconia ceramics was far from being developed, and after about the 1970s, the application of zirconia ceramics began to be studied on a large scale around the world, because it showed excellent performance in engineering applications.

Zirconia ceramics are new ceramics, with excellent physical and chemical properties not only in the field of scientific research has become a hot spot, but also in industrial production to a wide range of applications, is refractory materials, high-temperature structural materials and electronic materials of important raw materials. Among the various metal oxide ceramic materials, zirconia has the best high temperature thermal Ozone generator ceramic plate stability and thermal insulation performance, and is most suitable for ceramic coating and high temperature refractory products.

Zirconite-based ceramic pigments with zirconia ceramics as the main raw material are important components of high-grade glazes; The thermal conductivity of zirconia is the lowest among common ceramic materials, and the coefficient of thermal expansion is relatively close to that of metal materials, becoming an important structural ceramic material; Special crystal structure, making it an important electronic material; The characteristics of zirconia ceramics such as phase change toughening have become the darlings of plastic ceramic materials; Good mechanical and thermophysical properties make it an enhanced phase with excellent performance in metal matrix composites.

Since Gupta first reported quadripartite zirconia ceramic TZP, research on TZP materials has been on the rise. TZP ceramic is the material with the highest room temperature mechanical properties among zirconia toughened ceramics. Its strength and fracture ceramic sandblasting nozzles toughness can be as high as 1. 5GPa and l5MPa/m2, which also have good hardness, wear resistance and chemical resistance, are often used in harsh environments and harsh load conditions, such as used as drawing dies, bearings, seals and replacement of human bones, as well as engine piston tops, valve mechanisms in the cam, fiberglass and tape cutters.
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