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Ceramic Bobbin

Price: 80

Ceramic plate anti-ultraviolet Ceramic Bobbin radiation and color stability, fully meet the 4-5 grade gray level, the use of zirconia or alumina production of ceramic plates have a strong weather resistance, whether sun and rain, or wet, has no impact on the surface and substrate, due to the superior nature of ceramic plates, rich in color, mainly used for outdoor curtain wall and interior decoration. So, do you know what are the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic plates?

Disadvantages of ceramic plates:

1. The construction difficulty is high, and the error requirements are Ceramic ferrule for stud welding relatively high, so there are certain requirements for the technical level of the construction personnel. If according to the spread of traditional tile sticking technology, thin plates and walls, the ground is prone to "hollow drums", and it is easy to crack after heavy blows.

2. At present, the production process of ceramic plates is more expensive and the price will be higher.

Advantages of ceramic plates:

1. Low water absorption: Ceramic plates are made of ceramic technology, compared with our commonly used stone, the water absorption rate is lower, and there is no color difference, radiation, construction is relatively simple, there will never be cracking phenomenon, very environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, long service life.

2. Super heat resistance: Tiles do not produce mildew due to weather changes or moisture, and have an anti-ultraviolet effect, will not be exposed to the sun, the appearance of ceramic plates will hardly change, because this is often used for outdoor ceramic bobbin heater  decoration. At the same time, the ceramic plate also has flame retardant properties, the panel will not melt, can be used for a long time.

3. Wear and corrosion resistance: Ceramic plate has super wear resistance, not easy to deform or fade, suitable for a large number of storage and cleaning, while ceramic plate has super corrosion resistance, will not be juice. Chemicals such as detergents are attacked and have stable performance.

4. High artistic quality: Ceramic plate color is changeable, stable performance, can show a variety of different effects, not only to meet people's requirements for environmental protection, but also to show the user's personality and taste.
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