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Wall penstocks


The new air diffuser wall penstocks consists of a trachea, a rubber disc, a movable plate, a disc body and a fixing ring. The trachea is a closed tube at the top with a tracheop cap at the top for assembling and debugging the elasticity of the rubber disc; There is a small flange under the tracheal cap to snap a fixing ring; The rubber disc is tightly clamped between the tracheal cap and the fixing ring; The side wall of the lower part of the fixed ring is evenly arranged with two rows of vents, the diameter of the lower vent is larger than the upper vent, and the two vents are equipped with movable plates between the two vents, which are divided into upper and lower chambers, and the force area of the lower chamber is larger than that of the upper chamber; The lower part of the gas duct is threaded to the disc body. The rubber disc is centered on a bell hood with a round hole, and the outer edge of the bell hood has a flange.

The movable tray is a disc that is attached filter nozzle to the trachea; There are two protruding rings of different diameters on the disc, and between the two rings there are grooves that coincide with the outer edge of the rubber disc and its flange; Adjusting the pressure between the movable plate and the rubber disc can change the tightness of the fit, thereby changing the size of the bubbles; The outer edge of the movable pallet falls on the outer edge of the disc body. The disc body has a positioning screw, a hexagon, and a thread at the bottom to connect to the air supply pipe. During assembly, after adjusting the contact pressure between the movable pallet and the disc, fix the gas guide with the disc body with a positioning screw to ensure the good disc air diffuser  aeration quality of each air diffuser. The hexagon on the lower part of the disc body is used for wagon loading and disassembly.

The new parts of the air diffuser, in addition to the rubber disc, can be made of polymer materials, such as polyethylene, modified polystyrene, ABS and so on.
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