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Fine bubble diffuser

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The new air diffuser involves an air fine bubble diffuser diffuser for wastewater treatment. There are many ways to treat sewage, one of which is the activated sludge method. It is the use of artificial methods to strengthen the metabolic process of microorganisms, that is, in addition to maintaining a sufficient amount and good performance of activated sludge in the sewage tank, sufficient dissolved oxygen must be provided to meet the needs of microbial growth and reproduction. The use of microorganisms to devour harmful substances in sewage to achieve the purpose of water purification. Usually, the supply of oxygen in the sewage tank has an aeration process that forces the oxygen in the air to dissolve people into the sewage. During the aeration process, an aeration head, an air diffuser, is required.

One of the diffusers closest to the new air diffuser is a hydraulic shear diffusion device , the inverted basin diffuser, which consists of a bell-shaped basin shell with an air intake, rubber plates, screws and nuts. The upper edge of the inverted basin disc air diffuser diffuser is made of polyethylene plastic, the lower support is a rubber plate, when aeration, the air is blown out from around the rubber plate, showing a general jet rotation rise, due to the shearing effect and turbulence caused by the swirl, so that the bubble size becomes smaller, the liquid film updates faster, and the effect is better. The disadvantage is that it does not provide finer bubbles with higher conversion efficiency.

An air diffuser for sewage treatment consisting of a rapid sand filters basin shell, rubber plate, screw, and nut. An air diffuser for wastewater treatment consisting of a gas duct, a rubber disc, a movable tray, a disc body and a fixing ring. The structure of the present invention is cleverly designed, when aeration, the air blown out of the gas between the disc body and the movable pallet rotates and rises in a jet, due to the shear and turbulence caused by the swirl, the bubble size becomes smaller, and the liquid film is updated faster; At the same time, the air also runs out of the gap between the rubber disc and the movable pallet during aeration, which provides finer bubbles that provide higher oxygen conversion efficiency. The utility model has the advantages of high oxygen conversion efficiency, non-clogging, wide range of application, is an indispensable ideal device in sewage treatment.
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