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Frozen Mixed Vegetables Supplier

Price: USD3-USD4

With fresh organic vegetables and a scientific mix of nutrients, you don't have to worry about how to make your dinner more nutritious. We Meijia carefully selected every kind of giant mixed vegetables  to meet your pursuit of health. Because we select the fertile soil, carefully cultivate green organic vegetables, in Meijia, you can more intimate contact with the surprises brought by nature. It's so refreshing, you can't resist it. How to make food combinations more nutritious becomes your biggest problem. In Meijia, your problems are readily solved, and we use the best technology, the most scientific ratio, only to meet the best you. If you're tired of a single taste, try a mixed vegetable from Meijia. According to the different tastes of different countries, we carefully produce frozen vegetable gumbo blend with a Japanese flavor and foreign flavor, which makes you fascinated with our multigrain blend with vegetables. Whether you are still looking, do not hesitate, choose Meijia's mix vegetable food fusion are choosing a healthy lifestyle.

Frozen Mixed Vegetables Specification

Cooking Methods Of Frozen Mixed Vegetables
Unpack and defrost the frozen mixed vegetable.

Put them in the soup or fry it.

As one of frozen food manufacturing companies, we have various types of frozen fish for sale, if you have needs, please contact us.

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