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Chip on Board (COB)

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Chip on Board (COB) is the mainstream package type for scale datacenters, which utilizes high precision die bonder and wire bonder to directly mount the chips and subcomponents to a PCB electronically, and then through optical Mux/Demux coupling, together with input and output optical fibers, is then achieved with lens arrays and waveguide structures. COB manufacturing process can be highly automated, and is suitable for mass production to meet scale datacenters requirements of high demand and low cost. Our mature COB precision manufacturing technology and fully automatic equipment and efficient testing platform provides our customer a cost-effective solution with high reliable, excellent consistence on optical performances. Guanglian's COB package optical transceiver module 100G QSFP28 PSM4/CWDM4/LR4 is widely used in the construction of data center networks.
Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA)
SOA optical amplifiers use the semiconductor as the gain medium, which is designed to be used in general applications to increase optical launch power to compensate for the loss of other optical devices, and generating gains of up to 30dBm. Semiconductor optical amplifier can be used with single mode or polarization maintaining fiber input/output. Guanglian's 100G QSFP28 ER4/ZR4 optical transceiver module, using EML+SOA+PIN solution, support 40km and 80km transmission on SMF under data rate of 103.125Gbps and 111.81Gbps. It provides a high performance, reliable and cost-effective solution for telecom network construction and data center interconnection construction.
Free Space Optics (FSO)
Free Space Optics (FSO) is a packaging technology that uses more traditional optical subcomponents to create, receive and transmit optical paths using the principles of geometric optics. FSO system are the transmitting laser and receiving photodetector, and utilize a number of additional functional optical devices, such as reflectors, lenses, isolators, splitters and combiners. The transmitter and receiver are typically packaged in a hermetically sealed BOX. Based on the micro optical packaging technology of Free Space, Guanglian has the packaging capability of 100G multi-channel laser TOSA and multi-channel detector ROSA. Guanglian has established a complete optical device and optical module vertical integration production line, using advanced die-bonding, wire-bonding, parallel sealing packaging process, automatic XMD coupling production, the automation of the process system ensuring the stability, consistency and mass manufacturing of the device and transceiver.
High-Speed Circuit Design
High-frequency RF circuit design is one of the core technologies of module and device design, including PCB high-frequency signal layout, ceramic circuit routing design and flexible circuit board FPC micro strip design, etc. Guanglian has mastered high-speed RF design and high-speed signal layout technology, further mastered the high frequency signal simulation ability and the shell design ability.
Automatic Testing Platform
At Guanglian, every unit is individually tested in our in-house design intelligent automated testing platform improve the efficiency of high speed optical and electrical performances test while ensuring the quality of the products.

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