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HPMC for Wall Putty


HPMC for Wall Putty
Product Description
HPMC is made from mature polymer cellulose through a series of chemical processing. It is used in various applications in the construction, food, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. Depending on the application, it can be used as a thickener, adhesive, film-forming agent, water-retaining agent, suspending agent and lubricant.
HPMC Features
HPMC use for Water Retention: maximized water content in slurry.
Anti-sagging: when spreading a thicker coat corrugation can be avoided.
Increased mortar yield: depending on the weight of the dry mixture and appropriate formulation, HPMC can increase the mortar volume.
Exterior Insulation and Finish System ( EIFS )
Improved adhesion.
Good wetting ability for EPS board and substrate.
Reduced air entrancement and water uptake
Dissolution Method(HPMC)
1. Take the required amount of hot water into the container and heat to above 85., stir slowly and add the product gradually The cellulose initially floats on the water, but gradually disperses in water and forms homogeneous slurry. Goon stirring until it cools down and becomes clear
2. Another way is by heating the amount of 1/3 or 2/3 water to above 85℃, add the cellulose to obtain hot slurry, then add the remaining cold water and keep stirring, the mixture is obtained when the slurry cools to about 20 ℃
3. Cellulose's mesh is fine, and it 's in the presence of separate small particles in evenly stirred powder and can rapidly dissolve in water
4. Or add the cellulose slowly and evenly at room temperature and keep stirring until clear solution is obtained
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