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Product Description
OOTD VS8802 2020 Silver Vacuum Sealer, Automatic Food Sealer Machine for Food Savers | Starter Kit | Led Indicator Lights | Easy to Clean | Dry & Moist Food Modes | Compact Design (Silver)
OOTD vacuum sealer
Model: VS8802
Brand: OOTD
MOQ: 1
Color: Black, Red, Silver
Supply capacity: 40000PCS/MONTH
Certification: ETL, CE, GS, CB, EMC, LVD, RoHS, ERP, REACH, LFGB, SCCP.
Gift Box Size: 42.5x11x19.5CM
Gift Box GW: 1.52kg,
Gift Box Quantity: 1pc/inner box,
Master Carton Size: 59x43x40CM
Master Carton GW: 16kg,
Master Carton Quantity: 10pcs/outer ctn
OOTD VS8802 Vacuum Sealer Machine
We all know that when it comes to food, fresh is best and no-one likes to see good food go to waste. Helping you to extend the lifespan of everything from leftovers to just-bought food so that less ends up in the bin, food vacuum sealed and stored using theOOTD Vacuum Sealer will stay looking and tasting its best for up to five times longer than food sealed and stored in ordinary tin foil, cling film, plastic containers or standard self-seal bags. And a longer lifespan for your food can only be good news for your purse!
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Easy to Use
Suitable for all types of dry or moist food – including cooked or raw meat, vegetables, fruit, herbs and dairy – this smart-looking vacuum sealing machine seals at the touch of a button. Simply make your own storage bag using the BPA-free roll of plastic provided; pop your food in then vacuum seal the open end to extract all excess air and create an airtight packet. These sealed parcels of food can then be stored in the fridge, freezer or cupboard until you're ready to cook, reheat or serve. Thick heavy-gauge plastic prevents tainting and protects against freezer burn and, for added convenience when you come to defrost, cook or reheat, your food can stay in its sealed pouch – making it really handy for popping straight into a pan of boiling water or into the microwave and ideal for sous vide cooking.
Easy to Store
Slim enough to fit easily in a cupboard when not in use, its simple design means it can be stored vertically so it takes up even less space.
Offering an incredibly practical and effective alternative to traditional food storage methods, vacuum sealing prolongs the life of leftovers, freshly cooked food or just-bought groceries so it reduces the amount of food you throw away, saving you money in the long run.
The perfect solution for preserving the freshness and flavour of cooked or raw meat, veg, fruit and dairy products, this version of the OOTD features a setting for moist food and a handy seal-only mode for foods that don't need vacuum-packing. And for added flexibility, it also has a hand-held unit that slots on the side and allows you to connect and vacuum seal zipper bags or Fresh Food Containers (sold separately).
Vacuum seals cooked or fresh food
Keeps food fresh for up to five times longer
Reduces amount of food waste
Suitable for dry or moist food stuffs
Protects against tainting and freezer burn
Food packets can be stored in fridge, freezer or cupboard
Seal-only mode
Integrated roll storage and cutter
Easy Lock Latch Closure
Compatible with OOTD Fresh Food containers
OOTD vacuum sealer roll, bags and zipper bags included
Replacement OOTD Refill Rolls sold separately

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