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cast iron skillet with long handle

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cast iron skillet with long handle
Sarchi Product Description
The role of the cast iron frying pan
It is a multi-functional tool in the kitchen. The iron skillet can be used for frying, deep frying, broiling, baking, stewing, grilling, roasting, and even more cooking techniques.
Benefits of a cast iron skillet
Cast iron skillets will increase the iron content of foods and in some cases increase the amount of iron in our bodies and increase the intake of iron in our diet. Acidic foods will increase our iron levels.
How can we tell if a cast iron skillet is working properly and how to choose a quality skillet?
First, we must check the surface of the cast iron skillet. A cast iron pan will appear dark black/dark gray and somewhat rough to the touch. If the pan still has some seasoning, it will be dark black with a smooth feel.
Cast Iron Pan Content
Pans made from iron-carbon alloys with more than 2% carbon content. Industrial cast iron usually contains 2% to 4% carbon. Carbon is present primarily as graphite in cast iron, sometimes in the form of carburized bodies. In addition to carbon, cast iron also contains 1 to 3 percent silicon, as well as elements such as phosphorus and sulfur.
Characteristics of cast iron pans
Cast iron pans are made of gray cast iron and cast by model casting. The heat transfer is slow and even, but the rim is thick and rough, and also prone to cracking; refined iron pans are made of forged or hand-hammered black iron. It has the characteristics of thin rim and fast heat transfer.
Cast iron pots and pans have characteristics. When the temperature of the fire exceeds 200°C, the cast iron pan will keep the temperature of the food at 230°C by giving off a certain amount of heat, while the fine iron pan will transfer the temperature of the fire directly to the food. For the average household, it is best to use cast iron pans. Because of the advantages of cast iron pans, which are made of fine iron with few impurities, heat transfer is more even and less likely to occur in pans that stick; the temperature in the pan can be raised due to the good material; the grade is high, the surface is smooth and clean, and it works well compared to the common so-called smokeless and non-stick pans. The unique uncoated design of the pan fundamentally eliminates the harm caused by chemical coatings and aluminum products, and it can be used without destroying the nutrition of tableware The unique non-coating design of the pan fundamentally eliminates the harm caused by chemical coatings and aluminum products, and can be used without damaging the nutrition of the dishes. The whole family enjoys healthy and delicious food.
Cast Iron Skillet Manufacturer
As a manufacturer of cast iron skillets, Sarchi Cookware is the manufacturer you can entrust with your cast iron skillet. We can customize the size for you. Likewise, we can affix your logo and guarantee the best quality.

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