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Dear Sales Managers,
We have great demand for Machinery, mechanical appliances, electrical equipment and their parts:

Ceiling fans; ventilating fans; centrifugal fans; free piston generators for gas turbines; window, wall, ceiling or floor, independent or split air conditioners; equipped with refrigeration devices and cooling and heating cycle exchanges Air conditioner with valve (reversible heat pump); others, air conditioner equipped with refrigeration unit; air conditioner equipped with refrigeration unit; furnace burner using liquid fuel; furnace burner using natural gas
Mechanical stoker, including its mechanical grate, mechanical ash dispenser and similar devices; furnaces and ovens for roasting, melting or other heat treatment of ore, pyrite or metals; ovens and ovens for bakeries, including biscuits Oven; Coke Oven; Cement Rotary Kiln; Limestone Decomposing Furnace; Refrigeration-Freezer Combination Machines, each equipped with a separate external door for electrical or non-electric refrigerators, freezers and other refrigeration equipment; cabinet-type freezers, the volume does not exceed 800 liters; vertical freezer with a volume not exceeding 900 liters; gas instant water heaters; dryers; distillation or rectification equipment; oxygen generators with an oxygen production capacity of 15,000 cubic meters per hour and above; calenders or other rolling machines machine
Drums; cream separators; solid-liquid separators; purification machines and devices for filtering or purifying beverages (except water); oil filters for internal combustion engines; intake filters for internal combustion engines; washing or drying machines for bottles or other containers ; Beverage and liquid food filling equipment; automatic filling machine; other packaging machines; other packaging or packaging machines (including shrink packaging machines); parts for beverage and liquid food filling equipment
Quantitative packaging scales; batching scales; spring scales; ground scales; railroad scales; crane scales; various weights and weights for weighing instruments; parts of weighing instruments
Fire extinguishers; spray guns and similar appliances; steam jets, sand blasting machines and similar jetting machines; sprayers for agriculture or gardening

Trading Terms & Conditions:
1. The trading items should be available in your country or China.
2. By return, we could give you the items as follows but not limited to those items.
   1) Engineering equipment and wear parts - excavators, loaders, bulldozers, crushers, forklifts, tractors, cranes, trucks, concrete pumps, buckets, bucket teeth, cutting edges, undercarriage parts, etc.
   2) Decoration materials like carpet,ceramic tile, wood, wallpaper, etc.
   3) Home and office appliances, such as solar water heaters, air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers and the like. Printer supplies, toner cartridges, paper.
   4) Common cleaning products, including shampoo, shower gel, soap, toothpaste, and so on.
3. In case of deal, no cash, bank transfer or letter of credit acceptable, only exchange by materials or goods.
4. Import destination port: Shanghai / Qingdao / Guangzhou, China

Any interest in cooperation, please contact to discuss further.

Thanks & Best Regards.
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Import & Export Dept.
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Chengdu, China
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Contact person: Mr. Ford Wu
Position: Sales Manager
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Country: China
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